4 comments on “True End-to-End Encryption with WebRTC Insertable Streams

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  2. True End-to-End Encryption is already possible when all peers call each other in P2P. The article title should changed to “True End-to-End Encryption with WebRTC Insertable Streams using SFU/MCU/MediaServer”.

    • That’s a fair statement and we should have better emphasized “WebRTC p2p is always end-to-end encrypted”. I thought of using “True End-to-End Encryption through Middleboxes with WebRTC Insertable Streams” but it was starting to get long and the larger audience looking for e2ee with video conferencing probably wouldn’t know what we mean by a middle box. We did want to convey “true end-to-end encryption with WebRTC”.

      We covered the p2p scenario that better in Fippo’s post previous to this (https://webrtchacks.com/you-dont-have-end-to-end-encryption-e2ee/). I adjusted some of the opening statements to link to that and specify “middlebox” earlier on.

  3. How would this work with firefox users?
    Are there plans to do something cross-browser compatible?

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