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  2. Hi Chad,

    Do you know of a way to release resources so the browser stops showing a red recording dot on the tab (like in Chrome) or a flashing red mic icon (like in FF) once done using the gUM stream to visualize mic loudness?

    I’ve tried:
    – Stop every track in the stream
    – AudioContext.close()

    I think you’re a developer of https://test.confrere.com/check and I noticed it continues to show that it’s recording even after leaving the device checks and doing the network check.

    I want to reassure our users that we’re not recording them once they finish a call and they begin answering a follow-up survey.


    • Are you sure you stopped all the tracks?


      See a fiddle where it works for me here: https://jsfiddle.net/chadwallacehart/0mvbgtrw/

      I am not affiliated with Confrere.

      There are some advantages to keeping the camera open after doing a camera check – it minimizes the chances that the application might not be able to access the camera again on a new getUserMedia call and can serve as another indicator the user is about to join a call.

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