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One of the first posts we published on this blog a year ago was a ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide to WebRTC standardization‘. Since then, the work has certainly progressed and we have been sharing here a number of updates on the topic. This week we’re having qn IETF meeting in Canada and when it comes to WebRTC some of the topics in the agenda include ALPN (Application Layer Protocol Negotiation)STUN Consent Freshness and audio (interop with legacy) and video (H.264 vs VP8 as mandatory codec is NOT discussed this week but you can see VP9 and H.265 are already mentioned in the slides) requirements. Several Working Groups other than RTCWeb will also discuss this week topics that are relevant to the WebRTC effort (e.g. MMUSIC WG). During the STRAW WG session, the working group I co-chair at the IETF, we’ll discuss some features of interest for those implementing WebRTC in servers like MCUs, Application Servers, WebRTC-SIP gateways or WebRTC-enabled SBCs: DTLS-SRTP, STUN and RTCP traversal/termination are examples. ...  Continue reading

We happy share a lot of information here at webrtcHacks, but now we have a request of you. We have partnered with to conduct a super-quick, 6-question WebRTC developer survey. You will benefit from seeing analysis of the data here and on As an extra bonus, Tsahi got Packt Publishing to agree to giving away 2 free digital books to 3 respondents and give a 20% discount on these books to everyone else who responds.

Please click here to go to the survey.


  • Take the 60 seconds or less it will take to answer the 6 questions here
  • You need to provide your email if you want to be part of the raffle and get the discount coupons. It won’t be used for anything else. If you don’t believe us and don’t want the prize then leave it blank
  • We are only keeping the survey open until the end of this week, so answer it now (seriously,  it will only take a minute!)
  • Please ask your WebRTC developer friends to complete this too


As mentioned above, if you are the type that needs some compensation (or a chance for it) for the 60 seconds that this will take, Packt is donating 2 books to this effort: ...  Continue reading

If you just care about our developer-oriented content and could care less about how we actually author and coordinate this site then skip this post. We have some great content coming from Victor later this week.

If you are interested in more than that then please read on.

We have a new team member:
[drum roll..]
Tsahi Levant-Levi.

You already know him as the guy. He blogs, writes reports, speaks, runs events, and consults on WebRTC. He was the first to have an independent WebRTC blog and he has the largest following of anyone in this small, but growing WebRTC community. ...  Continue reading

Next week Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 will take place in Barcelona, Spain. Since Barcelona is my hometown, it’s always a great opportunity to meet with industry friends and enjoy some local spots together.

Many webrtcHackers will be in Barcelona for the event, so we are organizing a meetup next Tuesday at 6PM CET. This event will be largely a social meet & greet but we will have some structured conversation to discuss the latest in WebRTC and developer needs. We will update with exact location details within the Fira Gran Via prior to the event but we will likely meet in one of the food court areas between center the exhibit halls. ...  Continue reading

We have been at this now for 4 months. I am not a big fan of recap posts – you deserve original content. However, many of our readers are relatively new to webrtcHacks and our navigation system for finding old posts needs much improvement. It is a slow week with the US/Canada holiday so we figure this is a good time for you to catch up on some posts you may have missed. Here is a quick recap of our 21 posts and various pages so far.

In the Beginning

It all started here, with our first post – Welcome to webrtcHacks – a blog for WebRTC makers. There is no reason for you to read this unless you are nostalgic or really want to see our motivations for starting webrtcHacks. ...  Continue reading

webrtcHacks employs 2 personnel from the Philippines – Shem, our administrator and Stefan, our web master. Fortunately they are both ok after Typhoon Haiyan, but they are surrounded by utter devastation. Stefan’s region was badly affected and they are without utilities.

Shem is helping to organize local relief efforts across her country. If you would like to help make a direct donation, you can do so via PayPal at [email protected] or with  Xoom  at:

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
Currency of the receiver: Peso
Name: Cherry Mae Davoc
Account Number: 9249143666
Complete Address: Quirino St., Badiangan, Iloilo City, Philippines
Phone Number: 639084159200 ...  Continue reading

WebRTC is gaining traction, and there are exciting changes underway. The WebRTC Conference and Expo III at the Santa Clare Convention Center November 19-21 will focus on the information you need to deliver WebRTC based solutions in your environment. The Developer track includes six extended workshops where the experts will show you how to optimize your WebRTC development. With topics from a tutorial and training through how to deploy WebRTC, signaling, using the data channel and mobile deployments, these sessions will give you the insights your need to deploy right the first time. In addition, a special session with actual users of the best tools in the industry will let you decide which is best to use for your development. ...  Continue reading

There are a bunch of WebRTC events coming up and I guess we like lists. We thought it would be good idea to take our internal event lists and post them. We did some research to see what other events were out there and found a bunch more. Text tables are boring, so we spruced up the data presentation a bit and BAM! We now have a WebRTC Event Directory.


WebRTC is a hot topic that will be covered in many long-running web and telecom industry events. To be included here we require the WebRTC to be a specific topic area or track that gets more than a nominal focus if it is part of a larger event.  Running special pre or post-event workshops dedicated to WebRTC seems to be a common trend. ...  Continue reading

I just reviewed 120+ companies that have some direct support of  WebRTC (click here for the directory). The good news is that there is a multitude of companies and products out there for supporting WebRTC developers–more than 60+ and growing. WebRTC is still in its infancy so this number could easily double in the next couple of years as adjacent industries and the laggards get on board. The bad news with the large number of tools out there means there are a lot of hard choices to make. I’ll attempt to provide some starting guidelines based on my observations here. ...  Continue reading

Only attracted to headlines that include “disruption”, “panacea”, “killer”, or “hype”?

Are you scared by obscure acronyms?

Bored by posts that require concentration for more than 2 minutes?

If so, then this is not the blog for you.

Literally within the same week Reid and Victor independently came to me and said we need to do a blog. One that puts a developer audience first. One that actually helps developers move the WebRTC market forward. One that is not bounded by commercial interests. One that is not technically neutered to satisfy a broad audience. ...  Continue reading