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We happy share a lot of information here at webrtcHacks, but now we have a request of you. We have partnered with to conduct a super-quick, 6-question WebRTC developer survey. You will benefit from seeing analysis of the data here and on As an extra bonus, Tsahi got Packt Publishing to agree to giving away 2 free digital books to 3 respondents and give a 20% discount on these books to everyone else who responds.

Please click here to go to the survey.


  • Take the 60 seconds or less it will take to answer the 6 questions here
  • You need to provide your email if you want to be part of the raffle and get the discount coupons. It won’t be used for anything else. If you don’t believe us and don’t want the prize then leave it blank
  • We are only keeping the survey open until the end of this week, so answer it now (seriously,  it will only take a minute!)
  • Please ask your WebRTC developer friends to complete this too


As mentioned above, if you are the type that needs some compensation (or a chance for it) for the 60 seconds that this will take, Packt is donating 2 books to this effort: ...  Continue reading