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  1. Donations have been very overwhelming. I don’t know what to say but THANK YOU to everyone who didn’t have any second thoughts of trusting us to help the typhoon victims. We are now very positive we can reach more victims. As of today, we assume we can feed and aid 450 families.


  2. WE ARE SO READY! First distribution will be tomorrow instead of Sunday.. because hunger can’t wait, can it? We were able to pack 1,000++ relief packages for the victims and we are bound to one of the most damaged city (3 hours from where we stay now).

    THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DONATIONS! I will show you the detailed documentation of the whole thing next week!

    We wont stop here. We would also want to help them rebuild their lives.

    Keep the donations coming!

  3. Hello! We’re done with the first distribution. We traveled 14 hours to reach the 5 most damaged areas. Yes, I was dead tired but it’s nothing compared to what the victims are going through now. We have learned that for immediate assistance, they need food. But for a longer term, they need their livelihood back so they can stand on their feet again.

    We are starting to plan for the relief operation part 2. This time, we’ll focus on hygiene as most of them looks terrible already. We’ll prepare soap, toothbrush, clothes, etc.

    We hope to still receive more donations so we can move further. We are trying to finish the documentation so I can show it to everyone who helped us made this possible.


  4. Hi everyone!

    I’ve been so busy that I wasn’t able to post updates here. Today is already one month and 15 days after the typhoon ravished the country. A lot of people had lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones but as of this writing, I could say that Filipinos are rising again and starting to regain their lives. We are slowly going back to normal and all of these were made possible because of everyone who have offered what they can.

    Here’s a summary of the relief operations we did.

    1. Northern Iloilo – 1,000 packs of relief goods
    2. Province of Capiz – 600 packs of relief goods
    3. San Dionisio – 200 elementary students were given school supplies

    For more details and photos, you can visit this site. http://xiliumonline.com/super-typhoon-relief-operations/

    Thank you to everyone who helped!

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