7 comments on “How to Build a Motion Detecting Baby Monitor with WebRTC

  1. Awesome demo! It worked flawlessly for me using my HTC One as the baby monitor and Chome OS (OS X) as the viewer.

    Wish I could figure out how to put something like this together on a private server for my family to use.

    • My initial goal was to get something up and running quick as a proof of concept. I also wanted something that was 100% opensource for those who would want to implement the server-side themselves. To be honest I did not spend a lot of time reviewing various different APIs – I just entered my criterion into the tool directory. I had used Tawk.com from the Priologic/EasyRTC guys before, their documentation was clear, so I reached out to them for a developer key and went that route. I believe the majority of “hosted” “front-end” tools in our directory would work relatively easy for this implementation. We did not do the diligence needed to say one tool is better than another.

      TokBox has a robust and mature offering – you guys would certainly be in the running if I was looking to build a real commercial app out of this (which I may still do at some point).

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