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  1. I think the whole “IP Address Leakage” story requires some context. To me it is a non-issue and not really a privacy hog.
    I always get annoyed with the fact that people using a browser are so concerned with privacy isues and that when that browser is a webview with an icon nothing is a problem. A browser is nothing more than a piece of software, like an app or an installed program. So why treat it differently?
    Furthermore another popup for permission to find an ip address? My camera? The delete button? come on! My facebook app can control my cam and mic without my consent at any time and then some..
    If we look at the future of web, apps and programs I think we need to be a bit more concerned about user experience instead of creating pop-ups..

    • When exposing your IP means torture or even death at some places, you won’t care much for… “user experience”.

      I’m impressed by how ignorant one can be. If it doesn’t affect you, then there are millions who consider this a life threatening issue.

      And yes, “Millions”.

      • I was pointing to the stupid “i want my privacy” rants when web browsing. If the same webpage is packaged as an app or program then the rants all of a sudden stop and everything is fine.

        If one is concerned about privacy one should use stuff like tor. Ignorance is bliss..

  2. > Nefarious websites could potentially use this information to fingerprint individuals who do not want to be tracked.

    That is not the main concern. Nefarious websites could systematically gather which visitors are using VPNs or Tor… which in some countries indicates they are very probably dissidents. With the real IP address in the pockets the authorities can go visit the potential dissident and see what she or he has been up to. They will most probably find evidence on the computer since dissidents in poor countries aren’t particularely educated in operational security. Therefore a plugin that they first need to know about will not fix the problem in time. Thousands (or according to the other poster, millions) may be endangered by the introduction of WebRTC… even if these people never asked for any WebRTC in their browsers and weren’t planning to use it for anything.

  3. We made a mistake by omitting the scenario where one would want to hide one or more of their public IP addresses while using a VPN or service like Tor. We will made an update to the post to reflect this soon after some research.

  4. I’ve seen this in some forumotion sites in the form of an injected encoded script. Very suspicious. It appears to be from Criteo, but that could just be its cover.

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