5 comments on “How to use WebRTC and Chrome Extensions to Call a Browser When it is Not Open (Konstantin Goncharuk)

  1. This specification defines a “Push API” that provides webapps with scripted access to server-sent notifications, for simplicity referred to here as push notifications, as delivered by push services. Push services are a way for application servers to send messages to webapps, whether or not the webapp is active in a browser window.

    SimplePush is a way for application developers to send messages to their web applications. Rather than have applications continuously poll your server for the latest information, you can take advantage of the SimplePush API. This is a very low cost service that lets servers tell clients “Hey, there’s something interesting over here! You ought to do something about that.”

    Google Cloud Messaging for Chrome (GCM) is a service for signed-in Chrome users that helps developers send message data from servers to their Chrome apps and extensions. The service is intended to wake up an app or extension, and/or alert a user.

  2. Thanks for great article.

    After reading this article, I understood there are 2 cases :

    1. When chrome browser opens and websites such as Videolink2.me isn’t open
    => use chrome extension
    2. When chrome browser doesn’t open
    => need another mechanism to notify user (e.g. use DM)

    Is there a nice approach for 2nd situation?

  3. To notify user in 2nd situation we need to have some software running separately from Chrome, that listens for updates from our service. Unfortunately there is no universal answer to this question, sometimes you can write an app that will show notifications when Chrome is closed, or maybe send message to Jabber or just drop email.

  4. Hello,
    These code is working now a day?
    Because I gave a try and nothing happens when chrome loads up.

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