7 comments on “First steps with QUIC DataChannels

  1. I’m got “Uncaught ReferenceError: RTCIceTransport is not defined
    at quic.html:64” error on Chrome 74.0.3703.3 macOS Mojave. I’ve enabled “Experimental QUIC protocol” into Chrome’s flags but could not find the RTCIceTransportExtension flag.

  2. I find it a tad absurd that Google, the big player, is focusing more on proprietary extensions while the SCTP implementation being used, namely usrsctp, is (to my knowledge) not provided any resources whatsoever. These could be invested in finally implementing the standard that WebRTC requires (e.g. ndata) and improve the library for the WebRTC use case in general which in turn allows to fix long-standing issues in Google’s implementation.

  3. Just to confirm, since QUIC is not message boundary but stream based, the following code does not guarantee that the received and decoded data matches what the sender wrote in sendStream.write({ data }), right?

    const buffer = new Uint8Array(receiveStream.readBufferedAmount);
    const res = receiveStream.readInto(buffer);
    const data = decoder.decode(buffer);

    I mean, if sent data was “1234” the receiver may get “123”, is this correct? And assuming it’s that way, the application should provide a “message format” (if needed).

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