8 comments on “Gaming with the WebRTC DataChannel – A Walkthrough with Arin Sime

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  4. I have been thinking about this as well. Using webrtc datachannels for an multiplayer game. Any chance you guys could do a benchmark comparison of webrtc datachannels vs websockets? preferably websockets on sockjs node. Thanks!

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  7. Hi Arnie Some,
    I hope you may be able to get my problem.
    I am a newbie and I just want to know external “ip:port” of my counterstrike server like in STUN in text format in a file on my server which I can give it to my friend (both of us behind different NATs and server is http://TIRAN.GA/IP )

    Please contact me if you know the way for that.

  8. Hi Arin,

    i’m trying to install the git hub repository, having found out that you need build tools to install express.io, however there are now atleast 100 errors in installing the package to the repository. Would you give me a step by step guide to installing express.io?

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