6 comments on “Surviving Mandatory HTTPS in Chrome (Xander Dumaine)

  1. ngrok.com is another nice resource for getting an HTTPS link to your development app. Very easy to use. I use it all the time and have had very few issues with it.

    • I don’t believe this resolves the issue. You can use the https link provided by ngrok but Chrome will still not permit getUserMedia

  2. I also found an extremely easy way to solve this issue for testing, no advanced setup required. There is a Python library that will forward all requests to a certain port(s) on localhost to any websites you choose. This allows for easy and rapid debugging since it takes advantage of the localhost exception for the policy.


    Note: This library is not in the Python base package, but it can easily be installed with pip.

  3. Hey, I am using getUserMedia in an iframe(https source) in a page deployed over http. How can i make this work? I am getting the same warning in the console

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