9 comments on “How to Figure Out WebRTC Camera Resolutions

  1. Hi!
    I have a question: Firefox is ignoring the constraints y pass to getUserMedia. Do you know why?
    I´m using an HD webcam and i want to limit the resolution.


  2. You wrote ‘all 6 resolutions’. To your knowledge, is there any reason that WebRTC won’t support other resolutions?


    — Samson

  3. Hi, I have a question:

    How do you make it that when I open the webpage, it doesn’t ask for my permission to use the camera and just turns it on automatically?


    • The short answer is you don’t – the browser vendors very intentionally require the user to give explicit permission before they share their camera to prevent abuse. All of the major browsers provide a mechanism to whitelist permissions, so often the user only needs to give permission once if they trust the site. Look for device permissions in your browser settings if you want to whitelist a site.

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