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  1. Hi Varun – I saw your presentation in Paris and had you on my list to add (along with many others). I will get callstats.io posted in the next few days.

    Vendors – I am going to put all this source data in a public place where you can make additions, edits, and corrections soon (all subject to editorial review and fact checks as needed).

  2. Hi John – SIP.js and OnSIP both definitely deserve to be added. I am running around at several WebRTC events over the next couple of weeks but plan to refresh the directory here after that. I will reach out to you soon.

  3. Check out pinoc.io, a new, free of charge project where you can create rooms (with HD video communication) for free. Up to 4 persons can join up. But it’s still Beta, so rooms collapse after 5 Minutes.

    • Hi Alexey. I either asked the vendors to self identify this information using the form link above, or I choose this based on:
      -Product functionality
      -Who they market to
      -What kind of sales channels they have

      I tried to avoid marketing off all “target audiences” since that defeats the purpose of the segmentation.

      I am sure I made some mistakes and this data is changing all the time. Any WebRTC tool vendor can use the form listed at the top to populate or correct their information. I will give this form entry a review and will get anything fixed or updated. Alternatively you can email webrtchacks at gmail to and I would be happy to take care of it. Or just post your change to the comments section here.

  4. How about adding bit6.com and quickblox.com to the above list? Both a platform to add WebRTC based voice/video calls to your web/iOS or Android apps.

    • Let me check those out Andy. I am not sure what your affiliation with them is, but it would be even better to have them fill out the Google form linked at the top of the page to facilitate their entry.

  5. A couple of questions. Wondering why ooVoo is not on the list. Also wondering what recommendations people have for Developing iOS/Android apps. as quickly and easily as possible to integrate with browser based users on an existing application. Similar to how Hangouts functions.

  6. To visitors and especially vendors/project-owners who have entered your information – I apologize for being an awful moderator here. There are a few technical issues with this page and the database where it was originally setup that need to be resolved. This will take me some hours to fix and there is a backlog of many vendors who have entered their information and still need to be posted. Unfortunately as I have become more involved in the WebRTC community outside of this blog, I have a small fraction of time for webrtcHacks that I used to have.

    It is also important to note that the WebRTC community has grown substantially since I started this list more than 3 years ago. There are likely another 100 tool vendors and meaningful open source projects not listed here.

    It will not be possible for me to maintain this alone. If anyone has ideas on how to better execute this concept or is willing to volunteer to help please let me know.

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