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&yet  WebRTC consulting, operations, and application development. Creators of Talky, SimpleWebRTC, and Otalk. We believe in standards-based approaches.  Business click to call service and API
Abbeynet  Offers advanced solutions for communication with the integration of Voice, Video, and presence over IP
Acision (Forge)  Forge SDK and cloud signalling network providing audio & video session control, messaging, presence, charging, PSTN breakout
Aculab  Offers a comprehensive range of telephony platforms - cloud-based, software-based, hardware-based - and a wide range of gateways
AddLive  Easily add live video and voice to your application through our simple yet powerful APIs and SDKs.
Alcatel Lucent  A global communications industry leader with the innovation, expertise and vision for a connected world that moves at the speed of ideas
apidaze  Offer a second generation cloud communications API providing easy to integrate development tools for building any web or mobile communication service
Apizee  WebRTC API for Enterprise Web Communications  one click video conversations with up to 8 people for free embeddable with an iframe or with a JavaScript SDK
AT&T Foundry  Innovation centers are the home to technology collaboration, innovative ideas, new apps, and more
Axlator Communications  Axlator communications is Web Based Telephony Company established for free web based communication services.
Barc  Simple tool for adding text, voice, and video chat to websites
Bistri  WebRTC video calls in one click with nothing to install, simple, totally open and free
Bit6  Communications as-a-service platform provider that allows developers to add communication features to any mobile or Web application
Brekeke Software, Inc.  Developer of SIP software products, SIP proxy server, IP-PBX, and Contact Center Solution, that support WebRTC
Broadsoft  The global leader in Voice Over IP (VoIP) communication services, enabling telecommunication service providers to deliver hosted telephony
CafeX  Provides software that puts "Unified" back into Unified Communications and enables rapid availability of rich collaboration applications  API & service for summarizing & aggregating network and multimedia measurements
Communigate  CommuniGate Pro is built with open standards & open APIs. Web & mobile developers can quickly build communications apps with WebRTC using an SDK & free example sources. The platform has NAT, STUN, email, chat, presence, file storage, VoIP and Video.
Coturn  Open source project evolved from rfc5766-turn-server project. Includes many new advanced TURN specs which are not contained in the original RFC 5766 document
Crosspeer  A Cloud Services provider offering scalable, elastic, cloud computing resources on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis
CST EOOD  Software development company located in Svilengrad, Bulgaria. Passionate about designing and implementing new software solutions and we are always striving to bring highest professionalism and quality in each new project
Daiton  Telecom, mobile, and cloud software development
Deutsche Telekom Developer Garden  Voice calling, speech-to-text transcription, SMS, MMS & WebRTC client (Tropo)
Dialogic  Dialogic, the Network Fuel™ company, inspires the world's leading service providers and application developers to elevate the performance of media-rich communications across the most advanced networks.
Digium (Asterisk)  Offers IP phones, business phone systems, such as Switchvox IP PBX, and custom communications solutions for Asterisk
Doubango  Cross-platform and open source 3GPP IMS/LTE framework for embedded devices such as Android, Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Linux.
DruCall  WebRTC calling module for Drupal - free and open source software licensed under the GPL version 3.0
Drum  Drum HQ, a division of NetDev Limited, an independent telecoms application developer for voice and web collaboration
EasyRTC  Commercial and open source WebRTC toolkits and platform for building iOS, Android or web apps.
Ericsson  A world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators
Estos  XMPP/Jingle based open-source tools and services to power Unified Communications
Eudata  Provider of large enterprise customer service and customer engagement solutions including WebRTC and Flash video chat
Exario Networks  17 years of experience building carrier grade voice and video solutions
Eyeball Networks  Delivers carrier-grade VoIP software solutions for some of the world's best known service providers, application developers, and device makers
Flashfoner  The Flashphoner company specializes in audio and video real-time communications software development for the web browser with a primary focus on calls from web browser to SIP devices and receiving incoming calls from SIP devices.
FRAFOS  FRAFOS offers carrier grade WebRTC to SIP gateway and session border control solutions
FreeSwitch  An open-source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice and chat driven products
FrozenMountain  .NET/mono server-side libraries and extensive web and mobile SDKs for adding WebRTC, Comet, and REST
Gearcloud Labs  Platform that gives web and mobile apps a simple way to combine multiple live video streams with interactive computer graphics
Genband  GENBAND's market-leading technology facilitates multimedia voice, data and video sessions and "anywhere" and "any device" services that scale on public and private networks.
GoInstant  GoInstant combines data storage, pub/sub messaging and client-side components to take the complexity out of building real-time, collaborative apps
Holla  An abstraction over P2P video/voice/data connections using WebRTC for node.js
Hookflash  Developer of "Open Peer", a revolutionary new peer-to-peer communications software available to everyone
Intel  Designs & builds processors, motherboards, ssd, storage, mobile chips and technologies to serve as foundation for the world's computing devices.
Intel Open Software  C/C#-based open source data channel stack implementation for native applications
Inventive Labs  A team of IVR software solution developers committed to delivering proven, cost-effective voice solutions, IVR development tools and services.
Jitsi  Open source developer with a SFU, Recorder, TURN server, collaboration application, and java library
Junghanns Communications  Call center solutions provider with a WebRTC-to-SIP gateway and click-to-call offerings
Kamailio  Kamailio (former OpenSER) is an Open Source SIP Server released under GPL, able to handle thousands of call setups per second.  Open source community with the objective of building an end-to-end development framework simplifying the creation of real-time multimedia applications involving WebRTC, HTML5, RTP/H.264, computer vision, augmented reality and more
Lumelet  Free plug-in that allows you to add video, voice, and text chat for your users without leaving your site.
lynckia  We are going to design an ad-hoc solution for your service according to its specific requirements.
macadamian  Global UI design and software innovation studio providing a complete range of product strategy, user experience design, and software engineering services to clients around the world, including industry leaders like HP, Cisco, Genband, Avaya, and Adobe.
Matrix  Open federated signaling for interoperable Instant Messaging and VoIP with HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for creating and running real-time communication infrastructure (backed by Amdocs)
Mavenir  A leading provider of software-based networking solutions that enable mobile service providers to deliver high-quality internet protocol (IP)-based voice, video, rich communications and enhanced messaging services to their subscribers globally.
Medooze  Provides both open and close source media solutions, consultancy and support for VoIP and broadcasting services.
Meetecho  Web-based conferencing and video collaboration platform
Mersoft Corporation  The Networks division software product development and system integration for telecom and Cable MSOs.
nanocosmos  Live video encoding and streaming software products and SDKs including a WebRTC to Flash RTMP conversion
nativIP  nativIP offers managed solutions for voice communications and fax. nativIP server, our software-only solution for Windows includes all the features necessary for the development of interactive voice services.
Nex Gen Media Server  Powerful and versatile media server capable of real-time transcoding, media format adaptation, video conferencing, and much more
Ondello  The 'No Software' Telehealth Platform connecting doctors with patients beautifully, in a standard web browser.
OnSIP  OnSIP offers a cloud platform for developers to easily add real-time voice, video, messaging, and data to their apps without worrying about the supporting infrastructure. We maintain open source SIP.js to simplify WebRTC development.
ooVoo  Multi-device Instant messaging and video chat provider that also offers a WebRTC SDK
OpenClove  An innovative technology company delivering cloud-based mobile and video communication solutions with telco-grade reliability
Oracle  Comprehensive provider of mission-critical solutions spanning the entire communications landscape
oxagile  Software development company: web and mobile application development services, certified PHP, java, .Net web developers
Palava  palava e. V. is a non-profit that develops open source WebRTC libraries including projects using Angular.js, Coffee Script, and Ruby-based signaling
peer5  Peer-to-peer CDN using WebRTC DataChannel
peerjs  True peer-to-peer data in the browser - PeerJS completes WebRTC as an API abstraction, connection broker, and binary serialization format.
plantronics  Headsets deliver superior sound, style and comfort. Choose from a wide-variety of hands-free solutions: unified communications, office, mobile
Plivo  Real time communication from your browser & mobiles anytime, anywhere
PubNub  A blazingly fast cloud-hosted real-time messaging system to push real time data to web, tablet and mobile devices
QuickBlox  Cloud communications back-end API as-a-service
Quobis  European company in enabling carrier-class unified communication solutions with a focus on security, interconnection and identity management for enterprises and service providers.
radisys  Provider of advanced embedded solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets
requestec  Video calling, conferencing and collaboration for WebRTC, Flash & SIP with server-side recording & streaming on Web & Mobile
reSIProcate  The reSIProcate project is dedicated to maintaining a complete, correct, and commercially usable implementation of SIP and a few related protocols.
Respoke  WebRTC service backend for developers from Digium, the makers of Asterisk
RFC5766-TURN-Server  Open source TURN server project following RFC5766 that implements both STUN and TURN servers
Sansay  Provides many network security and configuration capabilities, including Network Address Translation (NAT) and sub-netting
SightCall  SightCall offers a WebRTC video platform which enables service providers and developers to deliver real-time video powered apps on any platform
Sinch  Sinch is a cloud based communications platform that makes it simple for app developers to add voice and messaging into their apps.
Sinch  Cloud based communications platform that makes it simple for app developers to add WebRTC, voice, verification, SMS, video, and messaging into their apps.
sipML5  The world's first open source (BSD license) HTML5 SIP client entirely written in javascript for integration in social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+), online games, e-commerce websites, and email signatures
Solaiemes  Joyn/RCS-e and RCS API-enabling products for telco service providers
Streamroot  Streamroot provides a peer-to-peer assisted video streaming solution to online broadcaster to reduce their bandwidth costs while improving their quality
TeleStax  Provides Open Source Communications software and services that facilitate the shift from legacy SS7 based IN networks to IP based LTE and IMS
Temasys  Rich media communications company providing leading edge, cloud based, cross industry telepresence and visual collaboration solutions - on all platforms from board room to smart phone
TenHands  A Free Virtualized, Cloud Based, HD Video Collaboration Service For Business
TokBox  Platform to add live, face-to-face communication to your web, iOS or Android app
Tropo (Cisco)  Powerful yet simple API that adds Voice and SMS support to the programming languages you already know
Twelephone  Provides video calls with friends on Twitter
Twilio  Lets you use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP and SMS applications via a web API
Versatica  Versatica is the organization behind SIP over WebSockets, OverSIP, jsSIP, and SIP on the Web
VideoRoaming  VideoRoaming combines the quality of redundant Quality of Service (QoS) network provided by multiple Tier1 carriers with the reach of Internet in one hybrid service designed for video conferencing.
vLine  Cloud Infrastructure for WebRTC
Voxbone  Voxbone provides wholesale local DID numbers and inbound SIP trunks from 50+ countries to cloud communications and VoIP providers and enterprise contact centers
VoxImplant  Cloud-based WebRTC development platform and application engine  An abstraction layer for webRTC in node.js with the aim of simplifying the HTML5 web standard webRTC in a similar manner to w/ websockets
webrtc2sip  A smart and powerful gateway using RTCWeb and SIP to turn your browser into a phone with audio, video and SMS capabilities
webrtc4all  A WebRTC extension for Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE9+. This extension is part of sipML5 solution and implements Javascript PeerConnection API
WIT  WIT is a software company that creates advanced solutions and white-label products for the mobile telecommunications industry.
xirsys  WebRTC infrastructure and support
Xsockets  Give you developers, architects and site-owners an chance to build great realtime-powered apps using existing skills and patterns primary upon the .NET Platform.
Zingaya  Embedded call button for websites that immediately forwards to a landline or mobile