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I finally got around to finishing my first demo application. First, a word of caution – I don’t really know what I am doing. I am not a professional programmer and I don’t plan to be one. My JavaScript experience is limited to a node.js-based database API I wrote a few months ago for an email analytics project I was playing with and some w3schools.com tutorials. That being said, I have a long background in VoIP and this stuff is supposed to be easy right? Let’s find out.

Problem Statement

My daughter is almost 2 years old. Like most toddlers she likes to nap. Like most parents, nap time is a great time to get things done with minimal distractions. My wife and I typically just hook up a Skype feed on her and go about our business until we see or hear her wake up. The problem is she often doesn’t cry or make much sound at all when she gets up. If we’re not staring at the video feed then we might not notice her. Toddler wondering around with no one close by is not good.  🙁 ...  Continue reading