3 comments on “How Go-based Pion attracted WebRTC Mass – Q&A with Sean Dubois

  1. Thanks for doing this Chad! It takes way more work putting this together then I realized.

    If you are curious about what people are building with Pion check out https://github.com/pion/awesome-pion

    These are some of the ones that I personally found really unique
    * https://github.com/dialup-inc/ascii
    * https://github.com/rviscarra/webrtc-remote-screen
    * https://github.com/giongto35/cloud-morph
    * https://github.com/GRVYDEV/Project-Lightspeed
    * https://github.com/Ragnar-H/TelloGo
    * https://github.com/anacrolix/torrent/
    * https://github.com/saljam/webwormhole
    * https://github.com/keroserene/snowflake
    * https://github.com/maxmcd/webtty

    If you want to talk about WebRTC more I am available all the time in our Slack. We also do weekly ‘Office Hours’ where the devs hang out and chat about making Pion better and their own projects.

  2. Another thing that is super important to me is that every contributor gets the credit they deserve. I compiled this list of all the major changes people have done.

    pion/turn and pion/stun was the first thing I wrote. That existed before anything else. John Bradley and I were the only devs at the time.

    pion/webrtc was started after that. I got an MVP working that used lots of C libraries (libsrtp and openssl) and ice-lite and hardcoded SDP. Michiel De Backker then joined.

    pion/srtp, pion/ice, pion/sdp I did then next and we broke out libraries in their own thing.

    pion/rtcp was Max Hawkins and I remember him just iterating on it without me being involved! Was a big step for the project

    pion/dtls me and Michiel De Backker then did. We swapped OpenSSL and it all just ‘worked’

    pion/sctp was really basic, but then Yutaka went and did everything! He added congestion control and made it a real thing (before just blindly set)

    pion/mediadevices Lukas Herman started on his own and went and built it all himself, I did practically nothing!

    pion/turn then got a client, before it was just a server implementation Yutaka did all this work as well

    pion/dtls got rewritten by Atsushi Watanabe and added a real state machine etc…

    pion/stun was completely replaced with the gortc implementation. We were planning on merging projects but then fell through on some minor differences.

    at the same time Adam and Duan (creator of flutter-webrtc) created ion and then it really took off when Tarrence got involved!

    https://twitter.com/_pion/status/1262135198029758464 is a really good thread that I captured some history on

  3. Awesome interview!

    I’m still waiting for a mediadevices version on Android/iOS, so we can finally leave libwebrtc! 😀

    Thank you Sean for the great work and webrtcHacks for the great interview!

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