8 comments on “Updated: Why the WebRTC API has it wrong – Interview with WebRTC Object API (ORTC) co-author Iñaki Baz

  1. A couple of interesting updates:
    – Prototype Implementation and Demo of ORTC API: http://www.w3.org/community/orca/2013/10/21/prototype-implementation-and-demo-of-ortc-api/
    – ORTC Live Demo at IIT RTC Expo: http://blog.webrtc.is/2013/10/20/ortc-live-demo-at-iit-rtc-expo/
    – MS Open Tech publishes first implementation of W3C ORTC to simplify Web-Based Real-Time Communications: http://msopentech.com/blog/2013/10/18/ms-open-tech-publishes-first-implementation-w3c-ortc-simplify-web-based-real-time-communications/

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