4 comments on “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to WebRTC standardization

  1. Victor,

    thanks for this very good overview.

    There’s one thing I would like to comment on and that is the 3GPP architecture diagram.
    Actually, 3GPP SA2 is in the phase of studying the architecture. The picture you have published does not represent current SA2 group consensus regarding the initial approach, but it is the input of one particular company into the study process.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Uwe,

    thanks for your comment! You’re absolutely right, this is just part of the study process. I should have stated it clearer in my post.

    An interesting topic is whether WebRTC access should be provided not only via P-CSCF but also include IBCF, and if so, whether it should be considered NNI as we (and regulators) understand it today. What’s your opinion?

    By the way, referenced IETF Internet-Drafts not following the naming convention draft-ietf-… are individual documents and do not represent Working Group consensus.

    Thanks again,

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