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The first post we published on webrtcHacks was ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide to WebRTC standardization’ (July 2013) where we gave some initial insight on activities in the 3GPP around WebRTC and  IMS. Since then the situation has certainly evolved (well, probably not as fast as some would have expected). Since we regularly receive emails asking about the status/progress on WebRTC standardization within the 3GPP, we spent some time with our friend Antón Román, CTO at Quobis and author of the popular post ‘Anatomy of a WebRTC SDP’ to summarize the current status of the ‘WebRTC access to IMS’ effort. ...  Continue reading

Next week the IETF 87th standardization meeting will take place in Berlin, Germany. Most of the sessions I’m planning to attend are related to SIP, Diameter and of course WebRTC. When a week ago I started preparing some material for the meeting, a customer called and asked me to provide a training session on WebRTC standardization and implementation status for their R&D team. While this is something I’m planning to do in the next month, I thought I could start my contribution to this blog by providing a brief introduction to WebRTC standards and describe what’s going on in each group. This introductory post is meant to provide a very initial overview and I’m planning to go into technical details in future blog entries. ...  Continue reading