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This is the next decode and analysis in Philipp Hancke’s Blackbox Exploration series conducted by &yet in collaboration with Google. Please see our previous posts covering WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime for more details on these services and this series. {“editor”: “chad hart“}

Wire is an attempt to reimagine communications for the mobile age. It is a messaging app available for Android, iOS, Mac, and now web that supports audio calls, group messaging and picture sharing. One of it’s often quoted features is the elegant design. As usual, this report will focus on the low level VoIP aspects, and leave the design aspects up for the users to judge. ...  Continue reading

Looking over the past few years of WebRTC growth, and the landscape of emerging WebRTC solutions, we see quite a number of  WebRTC-centric JavaScript (JS) libraries on the scene. Indeed, not long after browser vendors began shipping WebRTC implementations, a bouquet of WebRTC signaling libraries bloomed.

Each delivers a JavaScript API surface in the browser, which provides signaling services that complement the WebRTC media services. This abundance of options begs a few questions:

  • What is the real purpose of the JS library?
  • Do I need one for WebRTC?
  • What should I consider when evaluating this component of a WebRTC solution?
  • What makes a good JS library, what makes bad one?

These are the nagging questions that I wrestled in my own early research into WebRTC. At this point, I have certainly not personally used every WebRTC JS library out there, but have certainly tried quite a few. In this post I’ll attempt to address these questions, and my own thoughts on what is in a WebRTC JS library. ...  Continue reading

As I mentioned in my ‘WebRTC meets telecom’ article a couple of weeks ago, at Quobis we’re currently involved in 30+ WebRTC field trials/POCs which involve in one way or another a telco network. In most cases service providers are trying to provide WebRTC-based access to their existing/legacy infrastructure and services (fortunately, in some cases it’s not limited to do only that). To achieve all this, one of the pieces they need to deploy is a WebRTC Gateway. But, what is a WebRTC Gateway anyway? A year ago I had the chance to provide a first answer during the Kamailio World Conference 2013 (see my presentation WebRTC and VoIP: bridging the gap) but, since Lorenzo Miniero has recently released an open source, modular and general purpose WebRTC gateway called Janus, I thought it would be great to get him to share his experience here. ...  Continue reading