2 comments on “Not a Guide to SDP Munging

  1. We are currently using VP8 for software encoding. What we are seeing is our bitrate starts extremely low and ramps over time (up to a minute or two) to get to a reasonable level (5 Mbps to 10Mbps) for our demos.

    Using SDP munging can we control that start bitrate and ramp duration?

    With our H264 hardware encoding we were setting the google-x-start-bitrate and google-x-max-bitrate.

    Do these work with software encoding?

  2. using SDP munging to attempt tweaking this is generally a bad idea (but the API has no actual knobs for things like start bitrate, only maxBitrate). You might want to check if this caused by not using transport-cc for bandwidth estimation instead, slow ramp-up typically happens with REMB.

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