20 comments on “How does Hangouts use WebRTC? webrtc-internals analysis

  1. Very interesting read, thanks for sharing!

    I find it a little annoying that they allow Hangouts to go around the mandatory extension for chooseDesktopMedia, but considering the number of undocumented features they exploit that’s hardly surprising.

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  4. Hi,
    great article, but i still have a few questions 🙂

    – you say that chrome use additional (non-webrtc) modules to talk to hangouts. Are these modules included in the open-source version of chrome: chromium ?

    – if Yes, do they need Google API keys

    – are audio-only hangouts based on the same architecture that video hangouts ?

    Thanks a lot

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  7. Can these undocumented getuserMedia constraints, Plan B, and chooseDesktopMedia be used outside of hangouts when communicating with a custom MCU?

    Thanks for this very detailed article! Appreciate the effort that went into this.

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  9. I am a big fan of Adobe flash player and their streaming services. Since flash plugin is available on almost every browser makes it easier to built RTC apps. When do you think WebRTC will be available for every browser. Enlighten us?

    • Depending on how you count and who you care about, WebRTC already covers most of the market with Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer has been the big question mark, but Microsoft has made it clear (https://webrtchacks.com/ortc-edge-microsoft-qa/) the are pushing their users to Edge (which has WebRTC) as soon as possible. That leaves Apple’s Safari – there are indicators that that is a work in progress, but of course Apple will never officially comment on anything they haven’t launched yet.

      Flash is on a path to deprecation. The better question might be when do you have to use WebRTC because Flash no longer works reliably (some may say that is already true).

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  14. i have done conference call with Jitsi-meet ,and i have created server instance along with load balancing as well hazelcast on openfire server. but problem is that whenever i trie to switch the server video is freeze, but audio is available . for example i have to connected with three desktop A , B and C its working fine and once i stope the current server ,even its switch the severe by load balancing and A ,B properly works but in C previous server session video frames there and its look video freeze and this case audio is there . Although some cases video comes after 5 to 10 minutes .

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