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  1. Hi guys

    I’ve got various WebRTC presentations, workshops & events coming up, usually associated with a wider event,

    1) http://www.futureofcomms.com/future-of-voice/ : myself & Martin Geddes running a 1-day event on Future of Voice on Oct 8th in London. Around 40% to be on WebRTC, alongside other themes such as Hypervoice. We’re currently waiting for some “VIP” responses and will throw it open to the public in a few days, at £400+UK VAT

    2) WebRTC workshop at ICIN – http://www.icin.co.uk/tutorials/2013#tut2
    Venice Oct 14th (me + Tim Panton)

    3) Training course (run by Clariden, given by me) in Singapore 24-25 Oct on Disruptive Technologies in Mobile. Probably about 20% WebRTC content http://www.claridenglobal.com/program-details.php?id=124

    4) Workshop on Future of Comms (me & Martin again) at ITUWorld13 in Bangkok on 20th Nov http://www.itu.int/tlc/WORLD2013/forum/entries/session.1291.html

    5) My session & others at Alan Quayle’s Telecom App Devs Conference in Bangkok, 21-22 Nov http://tadsummit.com/2013/

    Not sure if any of these hit your criteria for inclusion, but let me know if you need any more details



  2. Thanks for these Dean. Most of these look like they would be good to include. Our requirements are really just:
    1. Needs to be open to anyone who wants to attend, and
    2. Needs some dedicated focus on WebRTC.

    Please give us a few days to come back to you with any questions and get them listed.

    Of course the community here would appreciate any special discounts you can provide on the events you run 🙂

  3. Thanks Chad

    There’s a 10% discount on the Singapore event from Clariden with the code VIPDisruptive

    Anyone contacting me directly via information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com will be given a good deal on the London Oct 8th event.

    Not much I can do with ICIN & ITU unfortunately. Will check up about the TADS event – many readers will probably know Alan Quayle anyway, so tell him I sent you…


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