4 comments on “AIY Vision Kit Part 1: TensorFlow Computer Vision on a Raspberry Pi Zero

  1. Why?
    WebRTC two-way Audio/Video/Data Intercom & Recorder
    WARNING! Some browsers do not allow to access local media on insecure origins. Consider switching the UV4L Streaming Server to secure HTTPS instead.

    • QI – the secure origin restriction only applies to sending your camera/microphone/screen-share from your web browser. We are not sending anything from the browser in this use case, so that does not matter. UV4L does have a https option. This post explains secure origins: https://webrtchacks.com/chrome-secure-origin-https/ for background on that.

    • I just tried it and it worked fine for me. I have done this a bunch now and have not had any connection issues. I would check your local network.

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