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local Jitsi recording hack with getDisplayMedia audio capture and mediaRecorder

I wanted to add local recording to my own Jitsi Meet instance. The feature wasn’t built in the way I wanted, so I set out on a hack to build something simple. That lead me down the road to  discovering that:

  1. getDisplayMedia for screen capture has many quirks,
  2. mediaRecorder for media recording has some of its own unexpected limitations, and
  3. Adding your own HTML/JavaScript to Jitsi Meet is pretty simple

Read on for plenty of details and some reference code. My result is located in this repo.

The Problem

I built a Jitsi Meet server a few months ago with the intention of updating my Build your own phone company with WebRTC and a weekend post. There are a billion posts/videos on how to set up Jitsi Meet, and I don’t have anything new or interesting to add to the technosphere there. However, one feature I really wanted to implement is recording. I often do demos and recording the session for others and future reference. On the surface, my requirements here are simple – record my audio and the audio and video of the Jitsi Meet session on demand and save the file locally. This sounds like a simple feature to add, but… ...  Continue reading