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local Jitsi recording hack with getDisplayMedia audio capture and mediaRecorder

I wanted to add local recording to my own Jitsi Meet instance. The feature wasn’t built in the way I wanted, so I set out on a hack to build something simple. That lead me down the road to  discovering that:

  1. getDisplayMedia for screen capture has many quirks,
  2. mediaRecorder for media recording has some of its own unexpected limitations, and
  3. Adding your own HTML/JavaScript to Jitsi Meet is pretty simple

Read on for plenty of details and some reference code. My result is located in this repo.

The Problem

I built a Jitsi Meet server a few months ago with the intention of updating my Build your own phone company with WebRTC and a weekend post. There are a billion posts/videos on how to set up Jitsi Meet, and I don’t have anything new or interesting to add to the technosphere there. However, one feature I really wanted to implement is recording. I often do demos and recording the session for others and future reference. On the surface, my requirements here are simple – record my audio and the audio and video of the Jitsi Meet session on demand and save the file locally. This sounds like a simple feature to add, but… ...  Continue reading

The Chrome Webstore has decided to stop allowing inline installation for Chrome extensions. This has quite an impact on WebRTC applications since screensharing in Chrome currently requires an extension. Will the getDisplayMedia API come to the rescue?

Screensharing in Chrome

When screensharing was introduced in Chrome 33, it required implementation via an extension as a way to address the security concerns. This was better than the previous experience of putting this capability behind a flag which lead to sites asking their users to change that flag… that got those sites an official yikes...  Continue reading