7 comments on “Reeling in Safari on WebRTC – A Closer Look at What’s Supported

  1. Regarding device selection…

    There is no builtin device selection panel as there is in Chrome/Firefox which is why I believe ondevicechange is also missing. We’ll either have to build or own in HTML/JS or just rely on whatever is the *default*.

    macOS does have a default microphone input selection in System Pref > Sound > input but there’s no such thing for webcams 🙂

  2. Do you have a live demo of this: “WebAudio into a peerConnection also did not work, but sending a peerConnection to WebAudio was fine” somewhere?

    I’m playing around with the web audio api and webrtc and am running into an issue where I’m able to hear and analyze audio from a peer.., but not able to send audio out to a peer. To clarify audio sends, but not audio data is heard from the remote peer when trying to play Safari’s peer connection audio stream.

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