10 comments on “Does Amazon’s Mayday use WebRTC? A Wireshark analysis

  1. Oleg, it’s great to see real-world services using your software — as I mentioned several times, I have a number of Tier1 customers also playing with your server to run some WebRTC-related trials 😉

    For the record, I’ve tried to help but this has been mostly Chad’s (evening/night) work!

  2. Google did their own forensics and confirms our Mayday findings and adds there is high likelihood that VP8 is used:

    “Well, it’s true. We did our own forensics a few months back and determined that Mayday is completely WebRTC-based, using the Chrome WebRTC stack, the G.711 audio codec, and most likely, the VP8 video codec. There are a number of hints in the Wireshark trace that give this away, even though the media is encrypted with SDES-SRTP; we are pretty sure the video is VP8 because the observed packetization exactly matches how WebRTC handles VP8.”


    • Yes, the trace indicates a video stream is being sent from the Kindle to the network. Since the service does not utilize a video camera on the device this stream must be for encoding the screen capture.

      • Does anyone know of a company that can implement a turnkey “Mayday” type service. We do a lot of work in schools helping teachers implement technology and having a way for our coaches to provide on-demand support to teachers would be very interesting. Thanks!

  3. I met with Oracle salesmen recently. They told me Amazon is using the Oracle Session Controller for their Mayday service. Were they lying to me?

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