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  5. Hi, great article about Kurento. I would like to use it for SIP applications though and haven’t found a way of doing that. (E.g. call SIP Phones)

    Do you know of a Kurento plugin/adapter that can use/translate SIP for signaling instead of JSON-RPC Kurento protocol? Any sample code?

    • Hi, thank you very much for your interest.

      Kurento Media Server is fully agnostic to signaling and does not provide any kind of signaling capabilities. Hence, no SIP plugin/adapters are available.

      The Kurento team has created indeed some JSON-RPC libraries that can be used for creating applications basing on Java and on JavaScript. However, Kurento Media Server does not depend in any way on them. This means that you can integrate Kurento Media Server with a SIP stack as soon as you have such SIP stack. If you look around, you will see that, for example, in Java, there are many people integrating Kurento with the Mobicens SIP Servlet framework or even directly with the Jain SIP stack.

      Best regards.

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