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Maybe I have been working with WebRTC for too long, but I constantly see use cases for it in my daily life. One of the more recent use cases has to do with my dog, Levy. Levy is an Old English Bulldog. Many years ago, when he was a cute little puppy, we would let him up on the couch. Over the years he has turned into a massive, gassy, dandruffy, shedding beast so we gradually weaned him off this habit in favor of a oversized, ridiculously fluffy doggy bed. He had been hooked on this new amenity for a while, but in the past several weeks he has been sneakily returning to his old habit when we were not home. ...  Continue reading

Want to try out a newly released WebRTC feature or capability? Odds are Muaz Khan has already done it. I cannot think of any other individual who has contributed more open source WebRTC application experiments to the community than Muaz and his His GitHub repository boasts 44 different projects.

He did all that in less than 2 years and he is just getting started. What is even more amazing is Muaz had done all this with very limited resources from a remote village. He doesn’t event have electricity for large portions of the day in some months! ...  Continue reading