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Session Description Protocol (SDP) is a fundamental, but very unintuitive concept behind how WebRTC works today. Its no wonder that the Anatomy of a WebRTC SDP post and the interactive SDP guide by Quobis CTO, Antón Román has been so popular here on webrtcHacks. With all things WebRTC, things have changed and we were due for an update.

We also had some rendering issues on the interactive guide. After failing to figure out how to fix it, I decided to completely rewrite it. It is still has some issues, so please make your pull requests to fix and update it on our github repo here...  Continue reading

Editor note: see the updated version of this post here.

As described in previous posts, WebRTC does not specify a particular signalling model other than the generic need to exchange Session Description Protocol (SDP) media descriptions in the offer/answer fashion.

During the last few months, my friend  Antón Román (CTO of Quobis) and I spent a lot of time with our team figuring out how to manipulate and adapt the SDP’s generated by web browsers to make them compatible with the different server/gateway technologies we’re working with.

As WebRTC makes use of new mechanisms but also existing ones that have seen few  deployment in real networks to date. SDP’s generated by Web Browsers are more complex and contain a number of new attributes that are unfamiliar in SIP or IMS networks. In the following post, Antón analyses the anatomy of a WebRTC SDP, giving a detailed description of what all those lines do. ...  Continue reading