8 comments on “WebRTC Developer Tool Vendor Directory

  1. I can’t see BitAction as a WebRTC vendor in any way.
    They provide a NAT traversal solution that is proprietary in nature. You can squeeze it into WebRTC even if you really wanted to…

    • Thanks Tsahi. I think I agree, but we weren’t totally sure how/where in the stack they interact with the WebRTC session so we kept them in for now. We’ll investigate.

  2. It would be useful to show your database information about each entry somewhere – right now one just has to play with separate filters to guess the full description of a particular tool choice.

    • Thanks for the good suggestion Lawrence. We are working on something like this – hopefully we’ll have it ready soon. Longer term we hope to do a more detailed survey and expose a lot more data.

  3. How does one get http://www.callstats.io on to this directory?

    “Monitor and Manage the performance of video in your WebRTC application”, we do audio too, but video is more interesting and people have been doing audio forever… but not for Opus.

    • Hi Varun – I saw your presentation in Paris and had you on my list to add (along with many others). I will get callstats.io posted in the next few days.

      Vendors – I am going to put all this source data in a public place where you can make additions, edits, and corrections soon (all subject to editorial review and fact checks as needed).

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