There are a bunch of WebRTC events coming up and I guess we like lists. We thought it would be good idea to take our internal event lists and post them. We did some research to see what other events were out there and found a bunch more. Text tables are boring, so we spruced up the data presentation a bit and BAM! We now have a WebRTC Event Directory.


WebRTC is a hot topic that will be covered in many long-running web and telecom industry events. To be included here we require the WebRTC to be a specific topic area or track that gets more than a nominal focus if it is part of a larger event.  Running special pre or post-event workshops dedicated to WebRTC seems to be a common trend. ...  Continue reading

I just reviewed 120+ companies that have some direct support of  WebRTC (click here for the directory). The good news is that there is a multitude of companies and products out there for supporting WebRTC developers–more than 60+ and growing. WebRTC is still in its infancy so this number could easily double in the next couple of years as adjacent industries and the laggards get on board. The bad news with the large number of tools out there means there are a lot of hard choices to make. I’ll attempt to provide some starting guidelines based on my observations here. ...  Continue reading

Only attracted to headlines that include “disruption”, “panacea”, “killer”, or “hype”?

Are you scared by obscure acronyms?

Bored by posts that require concentration for more than 2 minutes?

If so, then this is not the blog for you.

Literally within the same week Reid and Victor independently came to me and said we need to do a blog. One that puts a developer audience first. One that actually helps developers move the WebRTC market forward. One that is not bounded by commercial interests. One that is not technically neutered to satisfy a broad audience. ...  Continue reading